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Embracing the Legend
Perfect for students and professionals. Time Management and Goal Setting go hand-in-hand in achieving amazing success. "Embracing the Legend" spells out how to incorporate these techniques into your everyday life. An excellent read for anyone looking to do more and be more. This step-by-step process takes you through details that must be accomplished to prioritize your goals and manage time. No matter how big the goals - one can accomplish with the proper frame of mind and a passionate heart. "Embracing the Legend" promises to help move you forward for amazing success. Techniques can be applied to anyone's life.
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The Pyramid of Success

In this exciting program, Coach Jim Harrick, head coach of the 1995 NCAA Champion UCLA Bruins, will show you how to maintain focus in all areas of life, and help you develop an attitude that will make you a winner in any endeavor. He'll also discuss the famous "Pyramid of Success" - a timeless blueprint for how to live a meaningful life -with its creator, John Wooden.

As Coach Harrick shares his hard-earned insights, you'll learn how to:
  •  Foster individual growth within a team framework
  •  Encourage team members to apply internal standards for excellence
  •  Remain adaptable and view adversity as a challenge
  •  Communicate clearly and understand the importance of listening
  •  Compete with the top players in today's high-pressure world
  •  Use the provided "action steps" to implement the coaches' principles for an immediate positive impact

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Basketball's Balanced Offense

Success. Basketball. UCLA. Generations of basketball fans have associated all three when discussing the greatest college teams of all time. Former UCLA coach Jim Harrick, who led the Bruins back to national championship glory in 1995 exactly 20 years after UCLA's last national title, explains and illustrates the balanced offense developed by former Purdue coach Ward "Piggy" Lambert and refined by one of his players, legendary coach John Wooden. In Basketball's Balanced Offense, Harrick provides a detailed, step-by-step account of the offense with descriptive text and diagrams. Coaches, players, and fans who want to get the inside story on UCLA's success will enjoy reading Basketball's Balanced Offense.

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