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"Powerful message! It was a privilege to have Jim Harrick at our Northwestern Mutual business development event in Las Vegas. Jim challenged our advisors, clients and business leaders to truly think big about our potential. His signature talk, "The 5 C's of Highly Successful Business Professionals," focuses on personal and professional growth and success, in which Jim brings to life a meaningful message and practical application to our daily lives. Jim delivers it with passion and energy, and if you know Jim as a person, he lives his life to the fullest. Audiences of all walks of life and across all industries should hear and see Jim. He was a big hit with Northwestern Mutual, and we highly recommend him as a speaker to any organization looking for someone to impact and inspire their professional teams. Thank you, Jim!"

Chau Le - MBA, CLU, ChFC, CLTC
Chief Operating Officer
Northwestern Mutual - Los Angeles

"We've used Coach Harrick to speak to hundreds of Subway franchisee's. He is inspirational, goal oriented and tells some great stories. We are always looking for new groups for Coach to meet, as he is one of the best motivational speakers we've experienced. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in an entertaining and goal setting process. He will help your people understand their role in your organization"

Bill Paulos
The Summit Group

"Coach Jim Harrick has every trait you could ask for in a motivational speaker. He is funny, a great story teller, intensenly motivational, amazingly personable, and affordable. And that NCAA Championship gives him instant credibility with ANY audience."

Mark Reede ,President
Nationwide Speakers Bureau
Los Angeles, Ca.

"Jim Harrick is a master motivator and speaker and someone who has truly experienced greatness. Having been a speaker for 30 years I have had the opportunity to hear the top speakers in the world. I would rate Jim's speaking ability as "ELITE". His content is fantastic and he delivers with incredible style. His material is very educational and can be used by anyone in the professional world and anyone trying to get there. He engages the audience to do more and be more. If you are looking for a speaker to really move and motivate your group then Jim is your guy. I highly recommend him."

Greg White
President, Greg White Speaks, LLC

"Jim Harrick is more than a motivational speaker. He will bring real world success stories on how to motivate the most important team in the game - Your Team! Jim has been making a positive impact on businesses and corporate speaking engagements for over twenty-five years. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious to the point that you will want to leap from your seat and get into the game yourself. If your organization is looking for someone to lift the spirits and energize a group, Jim Harrick is definitely your man."

John Wooden

"Although I have known Jim personally only since November 2012, I had heard of his life-long accomplishments well before we met. I can state with the utmost confidence that Jim is a true professional, one of those rare individuals who gets consistent, winning results and leaves a lasting positive impression.

Jim spoke to our team in January 2013 for our annual 2013 sales kick-off. As he entered the room he was greeted with a standing ovation from our team, who had not known that he would be the speaker since we had kept this fact a secret. Over the next thirty minutes, he had our team completely mesmerized, beginning with his gentle, unassuming entrance and then delivering - Bam! - a powerful, inspirational, and motivating message. His message was called "The 5 C's," and left everyone in the room reflecting on their own lives and behaviors. Jim's overall message, delivered with humor in a way only he could do, was sincere, heartfelt, and one of the most thought-provoking I have heard in a long time. His message and delivery were simply awesome.

As I have come to know Jim personally, I would characterize him as an uncompromising professional, coach, mentor, and businessman, but also a genuine, family-minded human being. The uniqueness of his personal and professional vision is extremely thought-provoking. With the utmost satisfaction and gratitude, I highly recommend Jim as a speaker for your corporate function. He will leave everyone with a powerful and memorable message, motivating them to become better people and better team players - and you'll have a better company for it."

John Valenta
Senior Executive Vice-President
Advanced Discovery

"I was an honor and a pleasure to meet you in person. You inspired our group to embrace the Five C's and many took them to heart. We noticed an impact day one, Monday, on the first day back from our retreat. Again, thank you for your time and we look forward to partnering again in the future."

Gilbert Gudino
Director of Human Resources
First Legal Network

"It was an honor and a privilege for our company to have Mr. Harrick speak at our annual retreat. Mr. Harrick's powerful message of faith, character and perseverance resonated deeply with my staff and left them all energized and eager to begin our meeting. The fundamental values that Mr. Harrick personifies transcend sports and business."

Alex Martinez
Chief Executive Officer

"I had the honor to play for Jim Harrick. He was the most inspirational and motivating coach I ever played for. If you want the people in your business to improve, grow, and be inspired, Coach Harrick is your man. He can take your company to the next level. Get your team 'Fired Up'."

Lamar Odom
NBA Basketball Player
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